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Being a teacher means:

Becoming a teacher is exercising an exciting and demanding job . That of participating in the construction of society by transmitting one’s knowledge and promoting the skills of students. It means adapting to the profile of each student, to allow him to develop his potential and to transmit to him the values ​​of citizenship. It means developing your courses thanks to digital technology and updating your own knowledge. It is also a job that allows you to reconcile professional and personal life.

Main activities

You will teach economics-management (teaching of management sciences, management, law, economics) in:

Designing and implementing learning or teaching situations within the framework of national programs

Acquiring skills including abilities, attitudes and know-how.

Designing and implementing methods for assessing student achievement

Ensuring a personalized follow-up of the students in connection with the families and participating in their orientation project

You will also contribute to the proper functioning of the establishment and to teamwork.

Benefit from a welcome, support and quality training

As a high school teacher, you join a multidisciplinary team within an establishment, under the responsibility of the head of the establishment and with the support of educational inspectors. You may have to exchange with partners outside your establishment.

Tutoring by experienced teachers during the first months of exercise, to change and share practices, in particular to design sequences and teaching aids (for which online resources are also available).

Online disciplinary training to learn about the programs and know how to teach them

Training dedicated to contract teachers meeting the needs of any teacher entering the profession on teaching practices (leading a class, establishing a relationship of trust, managing complex situations, welcoming students with special educational needs, etc.).

Work time

You can attend full-time or part-time.

Working time consists, for full time:

A time for class preparation and correction, which each teacher is free to organize, as well as participation in the life of the establishment (class councils, meetings with parents, consultation time, etc.). As a college or high school teacher, you teach 36 weeks per school year.

For a part-time contract, the weekly duration is variable.

Your contract and assignment

You will benefit from a fixed-term contract which can cover the entire school year, from September 1, full-time (18 hours of lessons per week) or a part-time contract (variable weekly duration).

You will be assigned to a high school of the Poitiers academy (Charente, Charente-Maritime, Deux-Sèvres, Vienne).

Your remuneration

Your gross salary varies according to your degree and years of experience related to the discipline:

To this main remuneration may be added certain allowances:

The student follow-up and orientation allowance (ISOE)

The main professor’s allowance (ISOE flexible part)

Overtime payment (HSA or HSE)

The family salary supplement which can be granted under certain conditions.

Partial reimbursement of transport tickets relating to the home-to-work journey

Finally, within the framework of the Grenelle de l’éducation, contract teachers can benefit from two bonuses:

IT equipment premium: €176 net annually

Attractiveness bonus

Your profile

You have a clean criminal record.

Professional past

For example, the following professions are consistent with the skills expected for a professor of economics and management:

Perspectives of evolution

If your experience as a contract teacher makes you want to pursue your career within the National Education, the academy will support you towards success in recruitment competitions (in particular in the validation of acquired professional experience).

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