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On almost every billboard, on the front page of magazines, behind store windows, on television… Fashion is everywhere. Similarly, job postings often look for stylists, pattern makers and graphic designers. This means that fashion is an area that attracts more than one. It is also one of the many sectors that are recruiting.

Are you also interested in careers in fashion? Are you a recent graduate and want to study fashion? After the baccalaureate, there are several training courses in this field.

Bachelor of fashion marketing

In France, fashion schools offer different training courses. In a fashion marketing school, for example, you benefit from complete courses covering a variety of subjects such as philosophy, human sciences, culture of the arts, design and techniques. To these are added other lessons such as methodology.

Capital of haute couture, Paris is home to many specialized fashion schools. Some establishments such as train their students in fashion and digital lifestyle professions. The brand offers the Bachelor’s degree in marketing & digital mode .

Bachelor of fashion design

This training takes place over three years, within the framework of fashion and luxury. Fashion culture, styling, technique , nothing is left to chance to allow students to successfully understand the world of fashion design. Applied arts and plastic arts are also on the program, as well as a part related to the history of fashion.

The objective of the Fashion Design Bachelor’s degree is simple: to help the learner develop their creativity , while adapting to (and imagining) new trends!

Beyond this aspect strictly related to fashion, other points are addressed, related this time to corporate identity, marketing, in short to everything that can allow a designer to find his place on the fashion market.

School of fashion and styling: study of practice

Fashion schools in Paris give you access to careers in the fashion and textile industries after 3 or 4 years of training. Indeed, in a fashion and design school, you will be offered a wide variety of programs including:

Admittedly, the programs vary from one fashion design school to another. In any case, certain learnings are common to all training . They will first focus on general culture with world history or art history. Then, the more technical teaching will come to bring a know-how concerning the cut, the manufacture of the patterns, the model making or the techniques of sewing. Finally, creativity is also at the center of the learning objectives: through these courses, students have the opportunity to work on their creativity, to create and to research trends, for example.

Dn made in fashion design

In a Paris fashion school, you also learn how to carry out a creative project. Other institutions train their students more specifically in creative professions. Indeed, a fashion design school offers a variety of training:

After 3 years of study in a fashion school, you will obtain the DN MADE (National Diploma in Crafts and Design), license level.

Small clarification: there are more than fifty fashion schools in France. These institutions train you in the profession of fashion, design and luxury. However, it should be noted that not all diplomas from private institutions are recognized by the Chambre Syndicale de la Couture. It is therefore advisable to inform yourself well about the status and reputation of the establishment you wish to join.

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